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We have created a special game to offer you a playful experience and hit your targets at the same time. It is also a great way to discover all the in-betweens of our services and find out how fun our ideas are!

All about us

Extended global expertise, over 25 years’ experience and unlimited resources make us your one stop shop for corporate and private events, prize and incentive travel, unique and memorable experiences.

Our Portfolio

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  • United Kingdom

    You can always benefit from well familiar and favourite venues at your doorstep, minimum travel and our ability to reveal hidden gems around the corner from your office!

  • Europe

    Short flights, a great mix of cultures, delicious food, a range of climates and fantastic event and travel facilities put European destinations on the top of the radar!

  • Asia

    The birthplace of the two oldest living civilizations intermingled with the modern ones makes the largest continent so fascinating. Asian destinations offer unlimited ideas and great value for money!

  • Middle East

    Always with a touch of mystery and dignity, the Middle East offers a mix of the historical, rich and brand new! The luxury of your trip always includes making the dreams come true!

  • North America

    From Big Apple to San Francisco, from Miami to Alaska, all across Canada and including Niagara Falls, North America blows everyone’s mind away creating truly inspiring moments!

  • Africa

    Change your perception of the world by choosing Africa as your destination. It is a paradise for mixing luxury with natural wonders, cultures and the thrill of the free and untamed.

  • Australia

    Offering a vast diversity of locations and experiences, you can make the most of water sports activities, helicopter rides over national parks, swordfish hunting and dolphin watching!

  • South America

    A continent full of celebration, passion, dancing lifestyle and delicious food. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Hand of the Desert in Chile – South America has a lot to offer.

Our Destinations

Clients Say

  • Metro Bank has been working with C-Wise since we opened our doors in the UK. We have always experienced excellent service beyond our expectations.

    EA to MD of Regional Banking – Metro Bank

  • Thank you very much for our 2-day event in Paris. We were very happy with your service and discount you negotiated on our behalf.

    Partnership Secretary – Simmons & Simmons

  • If I ever need something urgently I know I can pick up the phone and rely on C-Wise team to organise it well, timely and efficiently.

    Support Service Team Leader - Oxford Group

  • Valerie Kosh

    Managing Director

    Believes in spontaneous travels, impulsive decisions and real friendship! Valerie speaks four languages, prides herself on being a bit of a geek and has a huge collection of colourful skirts. She comes from the 'comedy capital', hence her unique sense of humour.

  • Adrian Lane

    Global Sales Manager

    Our sales and client relations charisma, undoubtedly talented in making people laugh. Adrian combines expertise in finance, hospitality and sports, as well as acting and travelling. His favourite story is about running with the bulls during the San Fermin festival in Spain.

  • Marina Surkova

    Projects Team Leader

    Owns a few secret recipes for cooking, gardening and multitasking. Marina has a complicated degree in technology, multiplies six digits numbers in her head and is totally adored by her Clients. Marina loves girly chats, photography and spending time with her family.

  • Laura Roca

    Projects Coordinator

    Inquisitive nature, passion for brainstorms and a rare skill of believing everything you say make Laura one of the sweetest people you meet. Having said that, if you happened to make a tiny error in a 100 page contract, bad luck - she is always the one to find it!

  • Ruslana Nychay

    Projects Manager

    Behind the pretty smile we hide the strongest girl you’ll ever know. Ruslana has been tested with complex projects, visa challenges, overbooked hotels and tight budgets, and nothing seems to affect her balance. Always adds her personal touch to events she plans.

  • Peter Schmid

    The Boss

    Originally Swiss, proud of his little village in the mountains and the best steak in the region! Peter is a natural football team captain, ski instructor, wind surfer and the best boss in the World! Always has a personal story to tell!

  • Jekaterina Rondina

    Assistant Project Manager

    Mastering a full pallet of emotions, Katya gets excited about every new enquiry, proposal or interesting idea. She has a cheeky, fun and thoughtful personality, and at the rare moments when she seems quiet, she is already envisioning her next incentive project.

  • Frederike Jung

    Venue & Research Assistant

    Rather enthusiastic about retail, walking commute and catching wedding bouquets, Freddie would not leave you indifferent. Her phone calls tend to lead to negotiated rates, giggles and new friendships. Freddie secretively enjoys sarcastic jokes, but she will never admit it.

  • Lucy Williams

    Venue & Research Assistant

    The perfect remedy in case you’ve had a bad day. Lucy is filled with humour and mischievous character, as well as problem solving and communications skills. Thankfully this dangerous mix works perfectly well for event planning and always adds a spark to our office routine.

  • Gina Kubinek

    Venue & Research Assistant

    Being our in-house research guru, there is no brainstorm that would go without Gina’s ideas and input. She is also the fastest and the most persistent learner you would ever come across, and together with her advanced technological skills, Gina adds excellence to everything she does.

  • James Gregory


    The most required person within the team being our financial coordinator, payments decision maker and balance sheet controller. Out of work he is a real James Bond, cruising the Alps and cheering for his football team.

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Meetings and Events

From advising location, booking the space and arranging logistics - to invitations, entertainment and decorations!

Sales Incentives

Develop customer loyalty to your brand and product by letting us design a unique incentive.

Employee Engagement

Grow your business by letting us develop and maintain fully engaged, motivated and passionate team.

Luxury Experiences

We are used to negotiating the newest helicopters and hiring the private palaces, yachts and cars

Inspiring Travel

Our library is full of exciting itineraries for groups and individuals, creating everlasting travel memories.

Concierge Services

We give you access to the unlimited choice of connections and secrets of the high life.

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